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Automated B2B Lead Generation for

Proven technology to connect, engage and cold email with NEW LinkedIn prospects every day!

"If you’re looking for the best possible place to spend $200/month on lead generation, you’ve found it here. Period."


Less Crowded = More Leads

As opposed to more common lead generation battlegrounds, LinkedIn remains largely untapped.

Your efforts will stand out.

CASTANET runs 24/7, working hard for you so you don’t have to. New leads every day, whether you work or not.

More insight = Better Leads

Many platforms guess at interests based on habits or content viewed. LinkedIn users explicitly tell you their professional interests because they WANT to be found.

We know what school, what groups, what professional events they attend, all giving you key insights into why they’re the right prospect for you.

Positive Interactions = Better Engagement

Proper lead generation is synonymous with relationship building. You can hit a stranger up and ask for the sale, you will work too hard for little return. Invest in your prospects.

Communicate with them, share your interests, explain why you’re an excellent resource. Building trust takes time and we can help you do it.

Zapier Integration = Automated Campaign Workflows

New connection? Send contact info to your CRM, notify your sales team via Slack, or sync info to any of the thousands of apps that Zapier supports!

Our deep integration with Zapier helps you connect your CASTANET leads with the apps you already use.

Learn more about our Zapier Integration details

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