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Zapier Integration

Sync CASTANET leads to the apps you already use. Our integration with Zapier allows you to send lead data to the right app at the right time, and create custom workflows for your organization's unique sales needs.

How It Works

Step 1 Use CASTANET to cultivate your leads until they’re ready to be dropped into your sales workflow.

Step 2 Seamlessly integrate CASTANET with your existing Zapier-friendly sales tools.

Step 3 Automatically assign a new task for a sales rep to follow up.



When a new lead connects on LinkedIn



Copy lead's contact information into SalesForce



Notify me in Slack about the new lead in SalesForce

Task Your Team

Schedule an outreach task for a member of your team when new leads connects on LinkedIn

  • Compatible with most task management platforms
  • Ensures that hot leads get quick attention

Sync Your CRM

Trigger contact information to automatically be sent to your CRM tool.

  • All of the top CRMs integrate with Zapier
  • No more awkward CSV imports!

Easy, Intelligent Nurturing

Create advanced workflow automations and email sequences to trigger after a lead is automatically imported

Supercharge Your Workflow:CASTANET + Zapier